Filmustage is an AI-based pre-production tool that helps screenwriters, filmmakers and studios save time and resources by optimizing internal processes. Today we are happy to announce the launch of Filmustage partnership with festivals and screenwriter`s contests. And the first event of our partner program is The Golden Script Competition.

The Golden Script Competition is a yearly competition of short, feature and TV pilot screenplays from all around the world, founded in Glasgow, UK. The best scripts of 2022 will be read by some of the most renowned production companies and literary agencies (including some that have one several OSCARS and BAFTAS), giving our winning and nominated screenwriters the chance to have their script produced or represented. 2021 Edition Mentors included Paul Haggis, the two-time Oscar-winning screenwriter and Jessica Sharzer, the three-time Emmy-nominated screenwriter.


We are excited to see the filmmaking events and the whole industry back to life after the lockdown. Best of luck to the participants and organizers!