We are happy to announce that Filmustage has joined the NVIDIA Inception Program. NVIDIA Inception is an acceleration program for cutting-edge AI startups that provides critical go-to-market support, expertise, and technology.

Filmustage is an innovative AI-based tool for automatic script breakdown. We are constantly working on the development and improvement of Filmustage. Joining the NVIDIA program will provide us access to NVIDIA expertise and advanced technologies to make Filmustage even faster and more convenient for all our users.

“Advanced technologies require advanced computational resources, and the NVIDIA Inception Program will help us gain these resources. Thanks to the Program, we will get access to superior data science technologies and the support of the top data scientists from all over the world”, says Ruslan Khamidullin, CTO of Filmustage.

“We are so excited about being a part of the NVIDIA Inception Program. As a cinematographer, I believe that modern technologies such as neural networks can greatly improve the film production process, reduce routine manual work and save time for more important creative tasks. Our collaboration with NVIDIA Inception will benefit both our company and our clients”, says Egor Dubrovsky, CEO of Filmustage.

Stay tuned for new updates of the Filmustage platform - automatic script breakdown, giving an opportunity to get rid of a boring pre-production routine and to focus on your creativity.

Take care of yourself and see ya!